Promote adaptation

The Earth warms up and directly influences the environmental conditions under which lettuce is grown. Although the latter prefers a cool climate, we are experiencing more and more extreme conditions during the growing season compared to our competitors in California. We therefore have an interest in diversifying the range offered by developing new varieties adapted to these changing growing conditions that can cause tip burn, basal rot, bolting, rib discoloration and double heart development.

Increasingly, we will target our varieties of lettuce depending on production periods that require special features. In this regard, the Foundation documents its trials over many years to demonstrate the strengths of its new varieties.

peak burn

Meet the demands of consumers and markets

In addition to the fresh market, the processing, catering and ready-to-serve market continues to show strong growth. We are looking for romaine lettuce with short, closed leaves towards the center, to form dense and pale hearts, thus meeting the criteria of the buyers who seek to satisfy the demands of consumers. The quality of iceberg and roman lettuce being a fundamental element, innovation remains the only way to maintain and increase our market shares in front of much more powerful competitors.