The Foundation, a non-profit organization, is a group of lettuce growers. It conducts research in genetic improvement, supported by marketing new varieties of lettuce and through public and private funders. It is headed by a board of directors composed of five member producers.

Expertise in genetic improvement of lettuce

The Foundation's mission is to carry out and fund genetic improvement research and development activities aimed at developing new varieties of lettuce that are better adapted to Canadian climatic conditions and respond to current and changing market needs.

lettuce plants
lettuce plantations

The permanence of the research program

The Foundation's research program raises funds to finance and support a genetic breeding program for lettuce in Canada.


board of directors

Jean-Bernard Van Winden

PresidentJean-Bernard Van Winden

Stéphane Van Winden

Vice-presidentStéphane Van Winden

Denys Van Winden

Secretary treasurerDenys Van Winden

Robert Guérin

AdministratorRobert Guérin

Daniel Malenfant

AdministratorDaniel Malenfant

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