Becoming a member and its advantages

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How to become a member

The membership fee is $ 200 per year. As a lettuce grower, there is an annual contribution of $ 2,800 or $ 5,800, depending on your acreage. This is the investment required for the Foundation's research projects, in collaboration with the funder, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

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The benefits of membership

You will get several promising lines of head lettuce or romaine lettuce not yet homologated, as they are in the process of selection, and thus participate in their appreciation and development. As the selection process is relatively long, you will have several years to benefit from large amounts of various new seeds before anybody else and to evaluate the full genetic potential of these lines under your own production conditions.

You will be invited every year to the presentation of research results. In addition, you can take part in the open house and visit the selection plots and view the varieties in the making.

You will receive an annual newsletter presenting the latest news and developments in the Foundation's research and development projects.

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